Thirty EP

by Marcus Tenney

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Thirty EP!!!!!!!! New Music!!!!!!

Another musical offering.

Check out "Non-Violent EP" as well.


released February 18, 2016

Sam Reed = Vocals, Track 1

Mixed at Jellowstone Studio by DJ Harrison

Marcus Tenney = All instruments and vocals


all rights reserved



Tennishu Richmond, Virginia

Marcus Tenney is a multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and producer from Richmond, Virginia.

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Track Name: Voxer
Farther than stars today
Farther than Richmond to California a mile away
Farther than Monday to Friday working the weekday
Hopin' that I can make an adventure out of my life
Hopin' that all my friends never want to leave me alone
Hopin' that pretty girl stop and take a look at her phone
Workin' to keep my home
Workin' to keep my head above water before I drown
Workin' these long hours to get the shrimp by the pound
Workin' farther from home hopin' my whip is okay
Prayin' that everyday I always got something' to say
Somethin' to do with somethin' to prove and nothin' to lose
Kickin' that bass drum
Boi I live for the groove
Livin' for moments of creativity with a sound
Undeniable, we the hottest shit in the town
Card declined, what's mine is yours is never around
Makin' it check to check but you know I live for the show
I feel like my time is up, I think I have to go
As long as I can breathe
I wear the insecurities of my heart on my sleeve
I do it for the people
I want my mind to be know and I want my feeling to show and I want the sky to be blue and I want to give you my record this is from me to you
This what I'm supposed to do
Close to you and know that I give it all to you
Method might be the same but the feeling is brand new C'mon


Thoughts reveal from me to you
Cuz you do the things you do
Know the deal, know what to do
When the rain's falling
Thoughts reveal from me to you
Cuz you do the things you do
Know the deal, know what to do
On your own, I can't save you
Thoughts reveal from me to you
Cuz you do the things you do
Know the deal, know what to do
When the rain's falling
Thoughts reveal from me to you
Cuz you do the things you do
Know the deal, know what to do
On your own, I can't save
Track Name: Sheetz
Just dust yourself off
Cuz we got work to do
Work to do
Tell me what is it worth to you?
High-value target is what we sposed to do
No matter what don't you ever let 'em get close to you
You purposeful
And you know I'm finna git minez
Blow high in the sky like we steppin' on landmines
Shine bright like the Canis cuz we can man this is the jam
Just make sure the microphone is in my hand
Tennishu's the brand new hustle in the jungle and
It's real tasty these otha MCs kinda bland
Kinda shaky the ground is that we're tryna stand
From Virginia beat knockin' an Afghan
From the freezing cold jump back to the frying pan
A hunnit grand without a tussle
We slide right through
Car load full of muscle
Whachu gon' do?
Whachu gon' do when we come for you"
With this swag so high and this flow so tight
Lost in the darkness I'm coming to you with the light
The scene is retarted
Yeah you lookin' at it right
At the height of my convection
Lookin' for this connection
Neva needing correction
Complete with dream protection
Looks like I got it all
Now I share my collection
Collectin' nothin' but checks and math for later on
Hit her on the phone one time and she gone
No hesitation in this operation
Future fans waiting patient so we bring the medicine
We need to get them duckets so that one day they will let us in
Jettison the unnecessary just meat and dairy
So please carefully plan to go get what you need
Take what every you want this is a man hunt
From the jump we all stunt sometimes our own grown
Knowledge of the legacy hidden under the cloak
Beauty overwhelming so much I'm starting to choke
Goons packing unnecessary heat under coats
Kids starvin' but people screaming they on a boat
Police is droppin' bodies the people is loosin' hope
I keep it simple inside the scope
Just the goals and the road ahead and exactly how Ima get fed
How far is my bed and how long is the night?
They givin' you the bark but I'm comin' with the bite
Track Name: Especial
Please don't be afraid

Just tell me what's your name

I look into your eyes I see you cry I feel your shame

I just want you to know sometimes I feel the same

Sometimes I loose my lane I loose my plane I drop my sound

But I am just like you I walk the sky straight from the ground

Take every inch go pound for pound

Sometime I do my best when I know no one is around

Take my hand and walk with me I'll show you who I am

And on this walk you show to me just who you want to be

And one day when you high on top you will remember me

And remember these words

And you will play this song

And you will tell your friends and foes and know that before long

You no longer afraid

You no longer the same

You no longer the one that pine over fortune and fame

I'll do that for you

I love you so that I will go to hell and back for you

Take off my shoes and swim across the ocean blue for you

I'll do just what you want

Just what you want me to


I don't know which way to go

Breathe widdit Breathe widdit Breathe widdit
Track Name: She's A Dream
She's just a dream

She's a dream

To me

Ooh ooh ooh
Track Name: Too Many Dreams
Too many dreams
Seems unfair
Breakin' at the seams
One nightmare
No more schemes
It's just light fair
When I'm in the real world
Please take care
Try not to stare
He livin' his life
They brotha and sista and they husband and wife
These people gone
They spent they whole life tryna figure what's goin' on
Movin' through the world like a knife since they were born
When we were you
We used to stay up all night waitin' for the sun
Starin' at the full moon just because it was fun
Things change
I never wanted to stay the same
Stayin' inside the game is makin' me go insane so I changed lanes thinkin' I had nothin' to lose
Headed to the top got a little bumped and bruised
Lamborghini Rolex and a pair of Prada shoes
Too many dreams
Like scenes in a movie I figure out what they mean
What is the mean? Average of what is in between
No Code
These verses are literal even though I'm ice cold
Too bold too initiated
Musical prowess never been debated
Maybe hated
Slow simmerin' while I watch the stars glisten
Just give it time and they all will see what they missing' once they see the shine
White hot bling like hot lines
Stuntin' on the folk always comin' dressed to the nines
The blind leadin' the blind but see we got the eye for it
While they steady dummin' we saw it comin' for miles
Collection plate spill dolla bills all the isle
The last time I put money in it's been a while
It's been a long time comin'
And I comin' with something'
I close my eyes to keep the party jumpin'

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