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This is a F****** Beatdown!


Chaka with wire cuz ya know I’m coming through
Lambo skirt yo feeling hurt you can’t see like I do
G R I N D until that shit be coming true
At the crib in the booth whippin’ magic wit da flu
Gotta the chicken bone brown water all over the stu
But what’s it to you
You just after my residual
You do what you do and your reward is coming back to you
That’s what momma said That’s what my momma said
Don’t fuck up out here in the street and get one in yo head
Know what you standing on and put yo mind on the grind
And all them rainy days will vanish in the sunshine
We online wit the team and the paper stacks
Fucca back it up and run it down
You know ya faking now
Everybody know this shit if finna go down
Tennishu Triple Trey this is the new sound
It’s going in all the place that they don’t expect
Just run the check and save the small talk for consumers
Ima put the numerals on the bank statement
While these fucc nigga straight salty and maad because I made it
Straight up out the basement
So face it ya know the shit’s amazing
To the bag we racing
Be patient till we cakin’
I’m sayin’
We staying stuck on that hustle beast mode leva
Just as hot prolly not you will neva find another
From an older sis or younger brotha
Undercover with the leather white like milk from utter
Got the rack sliding in my hands just like it budda
Whudda situation I facin’
Do not understand because yo shit is way too basic
This is a fuckin’ beat down
Right now
Triple Trey Me no fuck around me
Me no make a sound when I land
Mind moldin the universe but you just doin’ what you can


from Triple Trey, track released May 10, 2019
Produced, written, performed and recorded by Marcus James Tenney


all rights reserved



Tennishu Richmond, Virginia

Marcus Tenney is a multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and producer from Richmond, Virginia.

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