Too Many Dreams

from by Marcus Tenney



Too many dreams
Seems unfair
Breakin' at the seams
One nightmare
No more schemes
It's just light fair
When I'm in the real world
Please take care
Try not to stare
He livin' his life
They brotha and sista and they husband and wife
These people gone
They spent they whole life tryna figure what's goin' on
Movin' through the world like a knife since they were born
When we were you
We used to stay up all night waitin' for the sun
Starin' at the full moon just because it was fun
Things change
I never wanted to stay the same
Stayin' inside the game is makin' me go insane so I changed lanes thinkin' I had nothin' to lose
Headed to the top got a little bumped and bruised
Lamborghini Rolex and a pair of Prada shoes
Too many dreams
Like scenes in a movie I figure out what they mean
What is the mean? Average of what is in between
No Code
These verses are literal even though I'm ice cold
Too bold too initiated
Musical prowess never been debated
Maybe hated
Slow simmerin' while I watch the stars glisten
Just give it time and they all will see what they missing' once they see the shine
White hot bling like hot lines
Stuntin' on the folk always comin' dressed to the nines
The blind leadin' the blind but see we got the eye for it
While they steady dummin' we saw it comin' for miles
Collection plate spill dolla bills all the isle
The last time I put money in it's been a while
It's been a long time comin'
And I comin' with something'
I close my eyes to keep the party jumpin'


from Thirty EP, released February 18, 2016


all rights reserved



Marcus Tenney Richmond, Virginia

Marcus Tenney (Tennishu) is a multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and producer from Richmond, Virginia.

Management: David Passick Entertainment

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